Rabbi Chaim Wasserman -Torah Lectures   Recently updated !

Zionism in Voloshin, the Torah of Rav Avraham Kook, ztz'l

The Siddur , The Theological Handbook of the Jews

Rabbi Chaim Wasserman gave wonderful Shiurim at our homes in Passaic. Listen in to The Siddur here.

The Jewish Life Cycle by Rabbi Chaim Wasserman

A series of  all-encompassing talks about the Jewish Life Cycle here.

Hilchot Z'manim

Yartzeit Shiurim by Gerald Parkoff

Rabbi Yaakov Benjamini, z'l, taught at Crown Heights Yeshiva in Brooklyn for over 30 years.  He was my first Torah Teacher as an adult and we have commemorated his memory every year since 1983. gp

Listen to the Shiurim

Two Shiurim - Hillel and Shammai

                             The Beginning of the Babylonian Community

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