The Internet and Linked Data

The Juggler’s Brain

The Juggler’s Brain …the Net delivers precisely the kind of sensory and cognitive stimuli – repetitive, intensive, interactive, addictive – that have been shown to result in strong and rapid alterations in brain circuits and functions.  With the exception of alphabets and number systems, the Net may well be the single most powerful mind-altering technology that has ever come into general use. …The Net commands our attention with […]

The Talmud and Linked Data

A quick perusal of a page of the Talmud in the original form, the Vilna Shaas, shows multiple commentators surrounding the center text. The center text is the Mishneh and the Gemara.  On the one side you have Rashi and on the other side you have Tosafot.  You also have  Mesorat HaShas, Ein Mishpat, Ner Mitzvah and Rabeinu Chananel. If you check the front page of the Shas, […]

Tim Berners-Lee and This Website

This website is built around the idea of Linked-Data.  Tim Berners-Lee’s great insight is that Linked Data increases intelligence and understanding.   In fact, we learn by Comparison and Contrast. Comparison and Contrast is what enables us to form categories, the basic units of understanding anything.  On this Website I have linked articles which expand and delineate an original idea. Linked-Data is the perfect medium for this. It should […]