New citizenship law has Jews flocking to tiny Portugal city

Turkish Chief Rabbi Ishak Haleva, right, talking to congregants outside Kadoorie – Mekor Haim synagogue in Porto, Portugal, Jan. 29, 2016 (Cnaan Liphshiz/JTA) Writers Home > Jewish Times New citizenship law has Jews flocking to tiny Portugal city Three hundred applications have been approved, but with recent elections over, that figure is set to incease By Cnaan Liphshiz February 12, 2016, 6:24 am 9 PORTO, Portugal (JTA) — […]


Israel and the Jewish People narrated by Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz The 50th Anniversary of Reunification narrated by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks THE TORAH AND THE WORLD – THREE QUESTIONS WHAT IS JEWISH IDENTITY? WHAT MAKES TORAH LAW UNIQUE AMONG SYSTEMS OF LAW? WHAT BINDS THE TORAH AND THE JEWISH PEOPLE TO THE UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDINGS OF ALL MEN? click here for Twelve Questions


C.I. Lewis, the well-known 20th century American philosopher from Harvard notes in his book The Ground and Nature of the Right that the concept of obligation pervades all of human thinking. Obligation does not refer only to Moral behavior – it applies to every aspect of thinking and behavior that can called right as opposed to wrong. There is a right and wrong way to calculate numbers. There […]


    TWELVE QUESTIONS Lets explore some primary questions and issues concerning Judaism and the relationship of Torah learning and practice to the modern world. 1. What is Jewish Identity? 2. What makes Torah Law unique among Systems of Law? 3. What are those factors which bind Torah and the Jewish People to the Universal Understandings of all men? 4. What are the logical grounds and basic assumptions […]

השופט בישראל הקדמה

בס “ד    (click here) pdf  7   בעברית -השופט בישראל   השופט בישראל מאת גרשון פרקוף מקורות אלה יצאו לענות בצורה מאוד ראשונית על שלוש שאלות א. מה היחוד לשופט היהודי? ואיך שופט לפי התורה שונה משופט חילוני  ב. מדוע היו אמוראים וראשונים ואחרונים כל כך נחושים להשמר מבתי המשפט חילוני אפילו שאין לנו שופטים יהודים מוסמכים בעל ידע במשפט העברי? מה העליונות של בית דין של שלוש […]

Tallis and Tefillin and Jewish Identity

Who among us would not identify a man wearing Talis and Tefillin as a Jew?  They are the outward, external, visible from a distance, marks of a Jew. He is recognized by the world. To our great sorrow, he was recognized by the Nazis as seen in so many famous photographs. Of course their are internal identifying features in Tefillin, hidden from the world but known to the […]