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A study of the fourteen Shorashim to Sefer Hamitzvot is essential for grasping the Rambam’s understanding of “system”  and to see how close he came to modern mathematical models exemplifying precision and rigor. Considering the Rambam’s encyclopedic knowledge of Jewish Law and all its sources, it is rather startling to witness his  ability to cross over and  model a rigorous, logical system in the modern sense of system […]

חביב אדם שנברא בצלם

  PDF משניות זכר חנוך – ח (נזיקין ב) משנה משנה מסכת אבות פרק ג משנה יד  PDF משנה מסכת אבות פרק ג משנה יד [יד] הוא היה אומר חביב אדם שנברא בצלם חבה יתירה נודעת לו שנברא בצלם שנאמר (בראשית ט) בצלם אלהים עשה את האדם חביבין ישראל שנקראו בנים למקום חבה יתירה נודעת להם שנקראו בנים למקום שנאמר (דברים י”ד) בנים אתם לה’ אלהיכם חביבין ישראל […]


Masechta Sanhedrin, 56a, derives and lists the Seven Noachide Laws. Dinim is one of them.  Dinim means that in any civil society, courts of law and a police force must be set up.  Courts of law implies a legal system must be erected. According to Rabbi Yitzchak, the Rabbis require that any legal system be modeled according to Jewish Law. Rabbi Yochanan states that the nations of the […]


The Ramban and the Axiomatic Analogy to Torah Law Law is not usually thought of as an axiomatic system. In fact, there is no reason why a legal system cannot be a chaotic conglomeration of rules, some of which may even contradict each other. It would take some bit of research to come up with real historical examples. Jewish Law, as codified by the Rambam, is superbly logical […]

Intuition, Godel, and Moral Philosophy

A present-day mathematical logician , Rosser, in Logic for Mathematicians, McGraw-Hill, 1953, p. 11) writes: [The mathematician] should not forget that his intuition is the final authority, so that, in case of irreconcilable conflict between his intuition and some system of… logic, he should abandon the … logic. He can try other systems of… logic, and perhaps find one more to his liking, but it would be difficult […]

Financial Crisis of 2008

For the single best analysis of the Financial Crisis of 2008, please click on this PDF Link.  Article written by The Consumer Education Foundation and Wall Street Wall Street Watch Sold Out. Long Version  pdf The Financial Crisis of 2008 is a striking example of the breakdown of the Rule of Law in the business and economic sphere, where the regulators are controlled by those they are […]

Pierre de Fermat and the Number 26

Pierre De Fermat was one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. He was born on August 20, 1601, in the town of Beaumaont-de-Lomagne in southwest France. His father, Dominique Fermat, was a wealthy leather merchant, and so Pierre was fortunate enough to enjoy a privileged education at the Franciscan monastery of Grandselve, followed by a stint at the University of Toulouse…. Pressure from his family steered Fermat […]

The Black Swan and the Torah

ר’ יעקב ב’ר חיים יוסף בנימיני ז’ל הרב אדר תשמ’ג’נשמתו עלתה למרום ב Black Swan English completeתנצב”ה מרת נחמה זלאטע בנימיני בת אבא מנחם ז’ל נשמתה עלתה למרום טו’ סיון תשס’ז תנצב”ה click here for pdf: pdf  – The Black Swan and the Torah-  8       הברבור השחור והתורה  PDF     February 12, 2013 ב אדר- תשעג The Black Swan and the Torah When the Dutch explorer […]

לפשוטו של רש”י

Rashi did not give a formal introduction to his methodology.  However, this Likut takes key sources from Rashi’s Perush to explain Rashi’s particular understanding of Pshat. The Pshat of a word in Rashi is not the “simple” or “plain” meaning.  It is the meaning as can be understood by the use of the word somewhere else in Tanach.  If the word only appears once in the Torah, then […]