Artificial Intelligence

AI and The Mars Rover

To get an intuitive idea of the advances in AI since the Frame Problem was formulated, lets catch up to The Mars Curiosity Rover: Singularity University We spread ideas with exponential impact. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Tech 8/05/2012 @ 3:03PM 5,003 views A Giant Leap for Curiosity, A Small Step for Robot-kind Singularity University Affiliate , Contributor Comment Now This post is written […]

Roger Penrose and C.I.Lewis

In The Shadows of the Mind, Roger Penrose spends many pages discussing whether calculating machines (computers) can match human intelligence.  Penrose proposes to elucidate the nature of human consciousness through modern mathematical discoveries and quantum physics. He is working out the implications of Godel’s Theorem but in reverse, so to speak.  Since we cannot completely prove any axiomatic system in mathematics, when we do discover truth in mathematics […]