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Spread the love   An historical travel blog, where  you travel both in history and in place. It is not meant to be a Caribbean cruise but a true exploration of the past and the present.    American Constitutional Issues, the misuse of governmental power, and the misuse of corporate wealth.  How does misuse of power hurt a country? and how may it be repaired?   All facets of water use in Civilization – water as the basis of civilization and modern problems in water use. Based on Steven Solomon: Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization.  Music and education, music and learning, and includes outstanding musical performances which you will never forget.   Jewish Identity in the modern world.  Many other diverse matters are posted on the side menu.  It was the first site I created and I gave range to my imagination.  A demonstration of a Website being constructed by Betzalel Lewis, age 10, in fifth grade. There is almost nothing in Website development that a ten year old could not learn, provided the interest is there. That’s something to think about.  An experimental site displaying ideas in a new format. The theme is the Foundations of Civilization and the events leading to The Industrial Revolution.  A new site devoted to exploring the pathways of learning and modern medical issues in psychiatric drug administration.  Site is active and will be supplemented with new articles and posts.  Exploring the history of dissent and toleration beginning with Giordano Bruno and Galileo down to modern times. Website still in development. Will take about a year to fill in .